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Ratafia is the name given to a blend of juice from the Pinot Meunier, taken unfiltered as it issues from the press, with a marc or wine brandy.

The added alcohol will prevent the juice from fermenting and thus will allow it to conserve all the natural sugars and aromas of the grape. We call this mixture "Mistelle" and it's then aged in oak for at least two years in small (225 litre) oak barrels.

Label Ratafia

Ratafia contains 18% alcohol, it's oak aging gives it a deep amber colour, an expressive nose, all in harmony with a satisfying sweet taste of citrus zest, of dry and crystallised fruits with scents of grape marc.

Bottle of Ratafia

The origins of the name "ratafia" go back to the drink used in olden days to accompany the ratification of any treaty, agreement or convention.

Serve at 6 - 8 ° C (42 - 46 °F)

A l'apéritif.
As an aperitif. To accompany melon, seared fresh foie gras, or a blue cheese.

With a dessert, it is a perfect accompaniment to a fondant chocolate sponge, for example, one containing a little candied citrus peel or other candied fruit.

Enthusiasts will find that decanting 2-3 hours beforehand will let it blossom, and balance the scents and flavours perfectly. An opened bottle keeps in the fridge for several weeks without the slightest problem.


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